all the lights that lead the way: a “let the wrong light in” playlist

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I love music, so one thing I wanted to do was make a playlist to share with you! These are songs that either remind me of the characters or feature in some way in the novel. Links are to Youtube in case you’d like to hear the songs for yourself, and I’ve also included a link to the entire playlist at the end.


The Man I Was: Lucero

This song reminds me so much of Malin. This is one of my favorite bands of all times (I’ve seen them live so much I’ve lost count), and this is from their new album. It’s quiet and rough and bittersweet, a little regretful and a little hopeful. Malin all the way 🙂


Wasn’t long ago I was counting my days, with anger and boredom and fear and pain. Back then I just wanted to even the score, the pain doesn’t translate the same any more. I’m not going back again, I’m not the man I was back then. I will start again, I will start again.


Most Sincere Apology: Michael Trent

Michael Trent is one of the awesome members of the band Shovels and Rope, and this song is just so Avery Hextall I can’t even. I mean, it has the lyric “I’m a wreck but I have endearing qualities.” AVERY <3


And is it cliche to cry, Or to ask you to borrow Your car? Well I won’t go far, I just need some time away from where you are and if you’d be so kind, I could use some cash, So I don’t run out of gas, On my way to the city, Where I will meet you, And everything’s gonna be fine.


Wonderwall: Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams just lends such an aching quality to these lyrics, and it’s so very Avery and Malin. I think this is definitely a song from Malin’s point of view.


And all the roads we have to walk are winding, And all the lights that lead the way are blinding

There are many things that I Would like to say to you but I don’t know how.

I said maybe, You’re gonna be the one that saves me.


Hot N. Cold: Katy Perry

At one point in the book, Avery likens his relationship with Malin to this song. Avery is a pop music fan, especially girl pop singers. He totally digs Katy Perry 😉


Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, You’re yes then you’re no, You’re in then you’re out

You’re up then you’re down, You’re wrong when it’s right, It’s black and it’s white

We fight, we break up, We kiss, we make up

You don’t really wanna stay, no, But you don’t really wanna go


Party in the USA: Miley Cyrus

Avery sings along to this at one point in the book, because like I said, he loves catchy pop music.


Le Pénitencie: Johnny Hallyday

This is a French version of the song “House of the Rising Sun.”  I heard this song for the first time when my bff and I were in this wicked long traffic jam in Montreal, Canada. There’s a scene in the novel that I eventually cut for sake of the narrative, in which Avery hears Malin singing along to this song and gets all hot and bothered and wants him to pull the car over.


Johnny Hallyday is a French-Canadian singer, so I decided Malin was a fan.


Hatefuck: The Bravery

This is a very “early days of Avery and Malin’s relationship” song. It’s sexy and kind of brutal, which I sort of love.


And there will be no tenderness, no tenderness

There will be no tenderness, no tenderness

I will show no mercy for you,  you had no mercy for me

The only thing that I ask, love me mercilessly


Topless: Breaking Benjamin

Definitely another “early days in which Avery and Malin were stupid and hot” song.


You’ve got yours, And I’ve got mine.

Meat on your bones. They won’t know, they won’t know.

I love your face, just get away. I’m on my knees, fuck you, fuck me.


Ashes: Lindi Ortega

If you’ve never listened to Lindi Ortega, do so RIGHT NOW. She’s amazing. This song is all about Avery being angsty and lovesick, and it’s awesome.


You came to set my heart on fire, what was I supposed to do? These cold dark ashes, these cold dark ashes, linger in the dust of you.


Paralyzer: Finger Eleven

This is a fun song that I think captures the sort of ridiculous, yet intense, attraction Avery and Malin have for each other.


Well I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you

I want to make you move, because you’re standing still

If your body matches what your eyes can do

You’ll probably move right through me on my way to you


Ball and Chain, Murder by Death

This is my favorite band, ever. EVER. So there are two songs on this playlist, and this is the first. This is definitely an Avery song, in the early days with Malin.


When I fall, I fall hard.

My body bruises at your touch,my ankles bear these lover’s scars.

The weight is heavy, but necessary.

You’ll never change, my ball and chain.


Good Morning, Magpie: Murder by Death

Again, this is my favorite band and this is one of my top two favorite songs of theirs. Maybe ever. (I also have a tattoo of the lyrics “just follow some other storm”.) And I totally think this is a Malin song. Because Malin, you are made of angst <3


My wings are dusted with frost and cold

For a little thing like you I’m too heavy a load

You’ll struggle and falter, Amble around

Just follow some other storm

Cause I’ll only weigh you down

You carry me home, My love

Still you carry me home


Handle Me With Care: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

This is a cover of a Traveling Wilburys song, but I love this version a lot.


Handle me with care, Reputation’s changeable

Situations tolerable, But baby, you’re adorable

Handle me with care, I’m so tired of being lonely

I still have some love to give

Won’t you show me that you really care


I’m Your Man: Amanda Shires

This is originally a Leonard Cohen song, but I have so much love for Amanda Shires. And her version is just perfect, because it’s somehow mournful and sly and teasing at the same time. And then she plays the violin. Gah. Basically, just listen and love her forever.


If you want a lover, I’ll do anything you ask me to

And if you want another kind of love, I’ll wear a mask for you

If you want a partner, Take my hand

Or if you want to strike me down in anger, Here I stand

I’m your man


And that’s it! I’ve got a copy of this playlist up at Youtube, so check it out if you like!

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