Interview with Avery and Malin

Let The Wrong Light In

Character Interview with Avery & Malin

Avery, Malin, so glad you could join us. Do you mind telling us a little bit about yourselves? About each of you separately and then together, perhaps?

Avery: Sure! Hi! I’m Avery Hextall. I’m an architect, I’m thirty-two, and this is Malin, who won’t want to say anything because he’s shy.

Malin: Or because I can’t get a word in edgewise.

Avery: Or that! We’re both architects. I have a super fabulous building going up to showcase… (does jazz hands) the arts! It’s the Knight Performing Arts Center. Doesn’t that sound cool? Like a castle or something. I did NOT put a moat around it, though I would have liked that. Someone is kind of a killjoy about my awesome ideas.

Malin: If you want to talk about killjoys, you should have been on that irrigation committee like I was. Which is why I know your moat wouldn’t have worked.

Avery: You hate fun. There’s no other reason why you’d ever join an irrigation committee.

Malin: There you are. A fact about me.

What about you two together?

Avery: We’re in a book! It’s EPIC. It’s got everything! Romance! Drama —

Malin: As any book would, that has you in it.

Avery: Did you just interrupt me? Seriously, because you never do that.

Malin: I learned from the best.

Avery: See, he’s a charmer once you get to know him. But trust me, you will NOT think that at first. Because he was an asshole. And still is, but not like before.

Malin: That’s because —

Avery: SHHH!! You can’t spoil the whole plot, Malin. No one will read it! But yeah, we’re in a book, and it’s about us, and how we overcame Malin’s being a jerk and coming around to how awesome I am.

Malin: This is a different summary than I would give.

Avery: Fine, what’s yours?

Malin: A story of one man’s journey to make you be quiet.

Avery: Keep on truckin’, my friend. Never gonna happen.

One thing about the book is that it’s all from Avery’s point of view. Malin, how do you feel about that?

Malin: Now that you’ve met Avery, can you see how there would have been any other choice?

Avery: You like it. And it wouldn’t be a novel if it were from your point of view. It would be a novella. If that. A blurb.

Malin: Nothing involving you is ever concise, Avery. Especially if it involves words.

Avery: Yeah, well, I did not go through all of that for you to end up in a stand-alone novella, Malin.

So, the book takes place when you two were working as architects in the same firm. What other point in your lives do you think would make a good novel, or novella, as the case may be?

Avery: My misadventures in graduate school! Or that time I tried to be a construction worker.

Malin: I’d read that.

Avery: Seriously? You have a thing for me in a hard hat?

Malin: Mostly I’m interested in how you managed to work construction for a summer and didn’t lose any limbs.

Avery: Oh. You can thank Harlan for that. You can thank Harlan for a lot of things. (grins)

Malin: I’ll make a note. (smiles)

I think we can all be glad Avery lost no limbs. I’m interested in hearing more about your friend Harlan. But first, Malin, you didn’t answer the question.

Avery: Oops, that was probably my fault.

Malin: Honestly I don’t think anything in my life is all that interesting. Or…wordy. I usually let Avery do all the talking since he’s so good at it.

Avery: Quite avoiding the topic by focusing the attention back on me. Oh, what, you’re surprised I’m astute about the things you do?

Malin: (sighs) I’m just saying that I don’t think my life story is very interesting. It’s either my childhood or graduate school, when —


Malin: …or that.

Avery: You could always write a book about those crepes you make.

Malin: So I’ll write a cookbook?

Avery: This is why you need me in your life. To liven it up! To make it interesting! And also, to eat all the crepes you make.

So about your friend Harlan, Avery. Is he generally your sidekick on these adventures?

Avery: Harlan! He’s awesome. I met him when I was working at this construction job one summer in college. He’s super hot. Even Malin thinks so, and he generally likes brunettes and Harlan’s a blond. Anyway, when I signed on to this summer job I thought it would be good for me as an architect to understand what it was like to build with my hands. But it turns out I’m kinda clumsy, and also I’ve always been an indoor kid so I’m this scrawny, pasty nineteen year old around all these strapping men, right? They were all intimidating and muscular and good at moving heavy things.

Malin: I would read this book.

Avery: ….anyway, I was good at asking too many questions and getting in the way. Harlan thought it’d be funny to come on to me, because then I’d freak out and quit or something. He wasn’t being mean or anything, you have to know Harlan. He’s like the nicest guy, ever. He was probably trying to save me from falling face-first into a chainsaw. But instead I kinda fell face-first into his lap.

Malin: That’s more interesting than anything that happened to me in graduate school.

Avery: That’s what you get for living in Canada, Malin. Anyway, Harlan moved with me to New York when I started at Columbia. We were roommates, which was a bad idea, and we kinda…well, you know, two single guys….

Malin: And this is definitely more interesting than my crepes.

Avery: I think it’s important to note that the crepes are really good. Malin’s a good cook. And Harlan opened a contracting company, and he’s going gangbusters at it. He does all these jobs for like, hipster kids who want to open breweries. So, free beer! But he wants to do historic preservation stuff. Because that’s just Harlan. He’s from Louisiana and holds the door open for ladies and calls girls “miss” and gets away with it. He also listens to you angst about your boyfriend problems if you happen to have those.

Malin: I’ll have to remember that.

Avery; Ha, ha.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book? Malin, I expect an answer from you as well as Avery.

Avery: That I’m awesome! And charming. And that Malin, hey, give him a chance because he might not be charming, exactly, but he’s…well, he grows on you.

Malin: …that’s certainly how I wish to be thought of. Like an infection. Or a parasite.

Avery: A sexy one, though. I hope readers will enjoy how we’re both basically idiots, there’s that. Also, Malin, you really are kind of a dick, but I like that about you. And I also like that you won’t even go for the obvious joke there. About me liking dicks.

Malin: I hope readers take away that we would be a terrible comedy duo, because Avery not only attempts to finish my sentences, but also my jokes.

Avery: Malin, you would have never made that joke in a million years.

Malin: Every now and then, Avery, I do surprise you.

Avery: That’s true. And that’s what I want the readers to take away from the novel. Hang in there, Malin will surprise you in the end.

And also, I’m awesome.


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