The Ballad of Whiskey Jax (Tour Dates #2)

Jax Elliott and his band have spent more than a decade on the road, building a loyal following, but never quite hitting it big. When they’re offered the opportunity to open for popular indie rock band Ink River, Jax jumps on the chance at commercial success. Even if it means touring with the notoriously moody Noah Greer, Ink River’s brilliant lead singer, who can’t seem to get along with anyone. Jax doesn’t figure he’ll be the exception, but he also hadn’t counted on the attraction that ignites between him and Noah.

Noah has never been comfortable on stage, and as his band’s popularity grows, so does his anxiety about performing—leading him to lash out at anyone and everyone around him. As he and Jax develop a tentative friendship, Noah learns there’s more to Jax than just the easygoing, gruff rocker with a heart of gold. And Jax has a way of getting past all of Noah’s walls, helping him untangle the real reasons behind his erratic behavior.

But the tour can’t last forever, and with their careers pulling them in opposite directions, they’ll have to find a way to keep the distance from tearing them apart.

Release Date: December 18, 2017 by Riptide Publishing

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