Top 5 Countries That are Queer Friendly

Those days are almost gone when the LGBTQ individuals were subject to frequent discrimination. It’s quite true that everything transforms with the passage of time and our society is no different. Today, the queer community can enjoy more freedom than ever before in many countries. According to the latest statistics, nearly all the Fortune 500 companies have implemented policies of non-discrimination.

This also includes sexual orientation of the employees. Besides, there are several countries in the world that have adopted similar policies. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best countries that are LGBTQ friendly:

1. Portugal

This country began allowing same-sex marriages in the year 2010. If your spouse is a permanent resident of the country, you can get a marriage visa of two years. About 85 percent of Portugal’s residents accept homosexuals as their neighbors. More than half of the homosexual population agrees that the country’s cities are excellent for living.

The most favorable cities among them for the LGBTQ people are Lisbon and Porto. In Lisbon, some of the best spots for the queer individuals are Bairro Alto, Principe Real, and Arroios. These areas are also home to the most LGBTQ-friendly hotels, bars, and homes.

2. Spain

Spain is among the safest countries for the LGBTQ individuals in the world. It is also one of the nations that are the most culturally liberal. The country has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. In fact, Spain had allowed same-sex activities in the 19th century. However, they were forbidden in the mid-20th century. In 1979, the law prohibiting such activities was reversed.

Same-sex marriages and adoption became legal in the country in 2005. Around 84 percent of Spain’s population supports same-sex marriages. Among the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the country are Madrid and Barcelona. You’ll come across many bars, clubs, hotels and other establishments here that are queer-friendly.

3. Norway

Same-sex marriages became legal in Norway in the year 2009. The country also allows members of the queer community to enroll in the military. Today, Norway is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world. It is also among the countries that include sexual orientation in its anti-discrimination law.

Since 2009, same-sex couples have been able to adopt children. Artificial insemination is also available in Norway for the lesbian couples. If you’re looking for some LGBTQ-friendly hotels, bars, and events, head to Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen.

4. Finland

A country with one of the most advanced laws for the LGBTQ community, Finland is yet another queer-friendly destination. Same-sex marriages and adoptions were approved in 2014 by the Finnish government. Lesbian couples were granted access to IVF in 2007.

About 87 percent of Finland’s residents said that they don’t have any issues with queer neighbors. Among the major hotspots for the LGBTQ community in the country is Helsinki.

5. Iceland

Since 2006, this country has been quite progressive with regards to the rights of LGBTQ individuals. Same-sex marriages became legal in Iceland from 1996. Discrimination with regards to housing and employment are not based on gender identity or sexual orientation. You’ll also find several attractions for the queer community in Iceland.

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