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3 Kentucky Events Queer People Can Enjoy

Traditionally, the culture of Kentucky has mainly been about bourbons and horses. Besides these two things, the state is famous for its beautiful natural surroundings, hospitality, and local art. Over the years, Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky have become extremely popular as LGBTQ havens.

However, the rest of the American state have become more queer-friendly in recent times. Several places in the state host some unique festivals and events that the LGBTQ community can enjoy. Here are the three major events in the state that offer unlimited fun for queer individuals:

1. Kentuckiana and Louisville Pride

Ever since the Kentuckiana Pride began in 2001, it has been going strong every year. This annual event kicks off with the Pride parade, which is then followed by concerts for two days. The event offers loads of fun on the Big Four Lawn located on the Ohio River. Kentuckiana Pride is not explicitly an event for adults with regards to its theme.

It is geared more towards individuals who like to party hard. The Louisville Pride began in the year 2015. It is an event that has a more community-oriented theme. This annual event is held on Bardstown Road in September. It features a day-long street fair, which unites families, friends, and allies.

One can also expect several booths, concerts, and food that celebrate inclusion and diversity. People from the LGBTQ community would feel extremely safe at these events as they have dedicated security. One can also witness people of all races, ages, genders, colors, and orientations at both the events.

2. Kentucky Bourbon Festival

They say that ‘true bourbon’ is the one that’s made in Kentucky. This explains why the state is popular across the world for its bourbon. Kentucky’s love for bourbon is apparent during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Everyone who is a part of the weekend-long bash can taste bourbons that come from every major distillery.

Besides this, they also get to enjoy live music and learn more about the process of making bourbons. This event occurs in the month of June every year in Bardstown. Owing to the proximity of Bardstown to Kentucky, the city has a more progressive vibe to it. This would be enough to make the LGBTQ community feel safe during the event.

3. Kentucky Derby

This event in Kentucky is of great importance. Held on the first Saturday of May, it is the event everyone in Louisville waits for. During this festival, a two-minute race extends to a two-week party. It features over 70 events, which lead to the big race. This annual event attracts thousands of visitors ever year.

Many celebrities, locals, and tourists gather in Churchill Downs to celebrate this major event. They can bet on their favorite horse and give a loud cheer. This is a high-profile international event, which is the reason why it has a tight security. People put on some strange clothes for this event to express themselves.

One can see most of them with their Derby hats on. During the Derby season, there’s no dearth of parties in this part of the world. There are plenty of hotels and bars where people from the queer community can have a blast!

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