Avon gale power play

A Glimpse of Avon Gale and Her Writing Career

Many writers were inspired to write their first book under some difficult circumstances. Avon Gale is no different. She was working under a terrible boss while writing her first book. Avon Gale wanted her story to be an office romance with certain conflict in it. The reason was her love for good stories about enemies eventually becoming lovers.

In the summer before writing one of her books, she was in Montreal. While getting around in the Canadian city, she came across some truly fascinating modern architecture. Upon seeing the marvelous architecture of the city’s buildings, she decided to set the novel in an architecture firm.

About building her own world in books

There are certain aspects that Avon Gale like about writing sports romances, especially hockey. One of them is getting to decide who wins the game. Watching the hockey playoffs reminds her of how much less stress she has in her life. She gets to decide the ultimate outcome of the games.

Her book Power Play is the third in her Scoring Chances series. Each of the books in this series takes place during a season. At times, she was surprised by the outcome. However, she was aware that the story was under her control. She has a specific writing style that focuses on plenty of dialogue.

Influence of other authors

Avon Gale began reading romantic novels when she was 13 years of age. This developed a special liking in her for romance, despite the fact that she is not inherently romantic. She likes the idea of two individuals finding joy in each other despite being different.

She admires author Jayne Anne Krentz, as her novels contain characters that are quite fun and quirky. In the mid-1990s, Avon Dale read the works of many authors. She doesn’t remember the authors whose works she had read during those times. However, their works had a great influence on her.

The impact of previous jobs on her writings

Avon Gale has worked quite a few jobs before embarking on her writing career. After college, she worked in development and fundraising for nearly 10 years. It was a perfect for her as she was a natural extrovert. She liked most of the jobs that she worked in. Her last job at a public radio station turned out to be a nightmare. When she was 36 years of age, she went to a beauty school.

The intention was to grow her career as a stylist. This happened at the time when her first book was released. So, she had to choose between hair styling and writing. The choice was pretty tough. She had left her career to pursue hair styling and had ended up writing her first book. She has always loved writing more than anything else.

The willingness to try new things gave her the confidence to explore new avenues with writing. When she was in her toxic job, she was able to complete Breakaway and Let the Wrong Light In. When she was working in her job, she spent most of her time writing. After both her books came out, she had to deal with the task of promoting them. She overcame this challenge through fundraising and outreach.

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